Terry Donelson


Dr. Terry Donelson is an author, teacher and a counselor.  When she began to learn how to overcome the root causes of her own relational difficulties she began to devote her time helping others who struggle with the same. The most important help she offers is to reconcile people to God through which the rehabilitation is inspired.

The Lord opened the doors wide to equip her for this service.  She, first, graduated from Winston-Salem State University with a degree in Psychology and then earned Doctorates in both Ministry as well Theology from Christian Life School of Theology.

Over the past 25 plus years Dr. Terry has not only worked with individuals, one on one, in counseling or coaching sessions but has reached out to others through relational workshops.  And, because many would not or could not get the help they need, otherwise, her life changing message was put into a book.

In her book, Character Blocks, she addresses the building blocks of a person’s foundation which is character. A person’s entire life counts on their foundation for support and only good character has adequate strength for the task. This book explains how to recognize any inadequate building materials and offers the steps to develop the necessary load-bearing blocks.

Character Blocks is expected to be released in November 2018.  Several other books are in the developmental stages, but Dr. Donelson hopes to get at least one of them to the publisher sometime in 2019.  Titles include The Love Walk and Me and My Big But.

Dr. Terry begins each day reading the Word, praying and singing songs unto the Lord.  After which she writes, counsels, or teaches a workshop.  When she isn’t working she enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends, taking long walks, or playing ping pong with her husband.