What do you do with those paralytics in your life?

  1. What do you do with those paralytics in your life?
    How many people do you know that are unable to deal with life without your help. Whether they be physically paralytic or emotionally stuck. What do you do with them? Do you spend your life so that their needs are met? That can be good to some degree.
    I was reading about a few men in the scriptures that helped a paralytic by carrying him to Jesus. Luke 5:18 & 19 states, “And there were men bringing a man who was paralyzed. He was on a stretcher and they were seeking to bring him in and to place him before Him. 19. Then not finding by what way they could bring him in because of the crowd, after they went up on the roof they let him and his pallet down through the titles into the middle of the front of Y’shua.” (Jesus)
    We don’t really know who these men were other than the fact that, together, they decided to get this needy man to Y’shua for some help. He had a reputation for healing the sick.
    They spent their time to bring this helpless man to Y’shua but the crowds of people, already in the house, made it impossible for them to even get to the door. Many people would have stopped had they encountered such an obstacle and said, “Well, at least we tried.” But, not these special men. They pressed on.
    It appears that they really cared for this paralytic and believed that Y’shua would be the One who could really help him.
    So, they looked up then, climbed up on the roof and carved out their own door. In other words, they repositioned themselves in order to position the paralytic.
    That door is what gave the paralytic access to the Lord who did for him what he could not do for himself. Y’shua said, “Man, your sins have been forgiven, rise up and walk.”
    Think about what just happened there. First the men heard about Y’shua, then made a decision to help the needy one to get to the One who could take care of his need. And, as a result, the need was met and the man walked on his own.
    We too, have heard that Jesus forgives sin and heals. And, we know that He is the same yesterday, today and forever.
    So, for those who knows all of that and also knows a paralytic in either the physical or emotional sense what would keep you from taking them to Jesus?
    Do you think that they are getting what they deserve by the things that they suffer? If so, look up to His ways that are high above our ways and to His thoughts that are high above ours. He said, “Your sins are forgiven…”
    Maybe you have too many other important things to do besides helping those in dire need? The Golden Rule works well here.
    Or, maybe you have tried and have run into crowds that have blocked you from putting your paralytic in front of Jesus. Did you give up or go up?
    Don’t give up. Reposition your thinking and your ways and you will obtain access for those needing to be positioned before the Lord.
    That may mean that He would have you spend time caring for the physical or emotional needs of the paralytic. That may mean that He would have you pray for them.
    God will equip the willing.

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